One of our absolute favorite shows of this Fall's bridal fashion week was Alexandra Grecco. Not only for her sharp ability to continue trend-setting for all that is indie & cool in the bridal world – but also for the ethereal goddess bridal look that absolutely wowed.

Wild curls, glowy complexion and a seamless mix of wildflowers & cool floral hair accessories adorned her goddess brides. Each different gown owned their own powerful goddess personas. While we may not get to wear a wedding dress too often (still eyeing that sexy pantsuit) we know Grecco's bridal beauty look could be borrowed for any holiday party, wedding guest, bridal party or hey – your wedding day look.

So to our delight, the lovely team at Coded PR consulted with Alexandra Grecco's very own fashion week beauty team to give you all the tips to get the look from her group of ethereal goddess brides. Take it away…

Polished, romantic and a bit sensuous – there was a little something for brides of all styles at Alexandra Grecco's 2019 wedding dress preview. These looks and gowns were a sharp distinction from each other but equally as aisle perfect. Whether you’re the standout glam bride or the modern minimalist there’s a gown for you in both these collections.

The sophisticated floral arrangements along the body of the gowns are made to replicate the captivating sense of strolling through elegant flower gardens. Absolute divine perfection with the fuchsia eyes, rosy cheeks, soft loose ringlets, and baby’s breath crowns all converged for Alexandra Grecco. These looks making for an ethereal, fairy-tale take on the less-traditional bride.

Get The Look: The Makeup

For extra luminous skin, the models' faces were prepped with Make-Up Pro’s Boy line Ethereal Youth Cream to moisturize the face. Each model was then prepped with BOY Beauty’s Water Drop Primer. Models wore no foundation, only touches of BTS Media Coverage Concealer for a very natural look with the skin. For lighter and medium complexions, the makeup artists used PC01, PC02, or PC03. For darker complexions, the makeup artists used PC07, PC08, PC09 and PC10. The makeup artists then followed with BOY Beauty’s Matte BOY Loose Powder, good for all complexions.

Each model was given a very natural brow, just filling in gaps with the BTS Contour Brow Pencil in Blonde for lighter brows and Deep Brunette for darker brows. The fuchsia eyes along with a touch on the cheeks and lips were achieved with BOY Beauty’s Able Laquer in ‘Pretty in Pink,’ followed by the BTS No Space Mascara.

“The artists were able to achieve a full blush look by applying this Laquer which is able to do everything,” said by Make-Up Pro New York’s Chika Chen herself. A touch of the BTS eyeshadow was applied on the brow bone in 1166 for lighter complexions and 1239 for darker complexions.

To create that ethereal look, the makeup artists applied the BTS Prism Highlighter (Fair Complexions: 1, Medium Complexions: 2, Dark Complexions: 3) to make the cheekbones pop. And finally, the look was polished with radiance lips using the BOY Beauty’s Able Laquer for the center of the lips with a touch of DDewy Gloss in Champagne Papi and covered with a clear lip gloss to complete the look.

Get The Look: The Hair

For Natural Curly Hair Girls

Lightly spritz Strivectin Frizz Control Mist from roots to ends. Starting at the bottom using a wide tooth comb gently detangle each knot out of the hair. Super important: always detangle your hair starting from the bottom, it will make the process much easier and protect your hair.

Begin at the hairline on the top of the head. Wrap hair around a diffuser, then holding close to the head. Once dry, lightly release each section from the diffuser. You want to work gently not to disrupt the curls. Continue in sections around the head. I love the DevaCurl DevaFuser. Which is in the shape of a hand, allowing you to lift the hair at the root for incredible volume.

Curling Iron Set For The Not-So-Curly Girls

On dry clean hair take 1/2 inch sections and wrap around a 3/4 inch curling iron or wand. Ghd Hair Pro is always my go-to for heat tools. It is important to wrap the hair in different directions so the curls will cascade effortlessly as natural, curly hair.

Allow the hair to set or cool before creating the style, this will preserve volume and curl pattern. Once, hair is cool use two pumps of May 11th Hair Oil. Massaging it throughout the hair. May 11th will give the hair a healthy glow and luster.

Underneath lightly backcomb the hair with your fingers. This will be the base to weave in the Jennifer Behr floral pieces. Gently fold or wrap a section of hair away from the face. Take another section fold it back from the opposite side. Weave larger hair accessories creating an anchor to hold the style. Place the flowers throughout the hair creating an ethereal garden vibe. Finish with wisps of baby's breath.

You can find Alexandra Grecco's latest wedding dress collection on her website & at her New York flagship, Lovely Bride (one of our top 10 bridal salons in NYC!) Wade Lee created the wild curly hairstyles for her latest presentation and Chika Chan and Cheve Chan for Make-Up Pro created the ethereal makeup look.

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